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Erik McGregor is a New York City based artist, photographer and activist.



Democracy Dies In A Police State protest

“BREAK THE CYCLE” of Police violence in Communities of Color to Non-Violent Protests to Violent Police Crackdowns to Riots and White Supremacist Violence to more Police Violence in Communities of Color

A Coalition of NYC-based Activists and Organizations March Through NYC in Solidarity with the Get Your Knee Off Our Necks Commitment March on Washington

Thousands of New York activists gathered for a massive march in solidarity against federal response in Portland

Pro-Police Supporters and Black Lives Matter Counter Protesters Clash in Brooklyn at NYPD Rally


Mass March to Defund the NYPD and Abolish the Police

‘Black Lives Matter’ Boulevard in Brooklyn unveiled a giant ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural painted outside Brooklyn Borough Hall

‘Black Lives Matter Pride’ bike ride in Brooklyn to highlight Black LGBTQ Lives on Pride Month

Local activists rally and march for police reform across Bushwick

LGBTQ Youth leads Trans Black Lives Matter march in Brooklyn

Brooklynites marched with Paperboy Love Prince across BedStuy and Bushwick for Black Lives and to Defund The Police

Thousands marched over the Brooklyn Bridge to Demand Mayor de Blasio and City Council Defund a Minimum of $1 Billion from the NYPD and Reinvest In Communities

Thousands march demanding to Defund The Policeamid NYC Mayor promising ‘intense change’ with police reform

Thousands descended from Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, marching to protest the death of George Floyd

Thousands Demand Justice For George Floyd As Protests Stay Peaceful After 8 p.m. Curfew Takes Effect

The December 12th Movement held a Black Power rally in Brooklyn against police brutality and demand to defund the NYPD

Hundreds Gather in Brooklyn To Protest Against Police Brutality in George Floyd’s Death


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