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Erik McGregor is a New York City based artist, photographer and activist.



On the Second Anniversary of the January 6th Insurrection Activists Gathered to Demand Indictment of High-Level Plotters

No Wars, No Warming: Fund Our Future

Merrick Garland do your job! Pro–Democracy Activists demand DOJ to Indict Coup Leaders

Pro–Democracy Activists demand DOJ to Indict Coup Leaders

Excluded Essential Workers on hunger strike for 14 days and State Electeds to call for a $3.5B fund in NYS Final Budget and to maintain flexible application requirements

Anti-War Activists Protest On Iraq War 18th Anniversary

Tax The Rich: Campaign for Progressive Revenue – Social Media Photoshoot

Rise and Resist held a CONVICT TRUMP demo at Foley Square

New Yorkers Demand Legislators Pass Financial Transaction Tax To Generate $9 Billion for COVID Recovery and Essential Services

Rise and Resist read a list of crimes attributed to Donald Trump on both impeachment procedures

Campaign To Protect The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

NYC Activists denounce: Rudy! There Was No Fraud, There Was No Steal

New Yorkers celebrate Biden-Harris ticket victory

NYC Groups March To Honor The Democratic Process And To Demand Every Vote Is Counted

“EVERY VOTE COUNTS/COUNT EVERY VOTE” press conference and demonstration outside NBC News and Fox News

Women’s March in New York City honoring the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and to oppose SCOTUS confirmation ahead of the presidential election

#SaveSCOTUS National Day of Action to stop SCOTUS confirmation hearings

Democracy Has Its Eyes on You, Chuck! – Protest urging Schumer to stop SCOTUS confirmation hearings


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