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New York, NY — Ahead of Mother’s Day, dozens of mothers, caregivers and allies gathered at Citi’s headquarters in Tribeca on May 11, 2023 to perform a collection of moving songs calling on Citi’s CEO, Jane Fraser, to align Citi’s policies with the Paris Agreement, stop funding coal and phase out all fossil fuel financing. Participants also delivered a giant Mother’s Day bouquet and card for Jane Fraser to Chief Sustainability Officer Valerie Smith, who came down to meet the protesters.

Comedian and TV star Ilana Glazer joined the action. This event is part of a growing international movement of moms taking on the big banks funding the climate crisis and one of many global climate actions leading up to Mothers’ Day. It also comes just a few weeks after Citi’s Annual General Meeting, in which CEO Jane Fraser insisted that the bank’s existing climate policies are sufficient, in direct opposition to the consensus of global scientists.

“The survival of children around the world depends on the choices made by Jane Fraser and Citi’s executive board,” said Liat Olenick, a mom to one in Brooklyn and organizer with Climate Families NYC. “We need Citi to immediately stop funding dirty coal and phase out financing for oil and gas before we’re doomed to a catastrophic future.”

“My Mothers Day message to other moms is don’t bank at Citi,” said Chandra Bocci, mom and artist from Queens. “Citi is risking our lives, our futures and our financial security. Find a bank that takes climate change seriously.”

“Citi is the top US funder of dirty coal and the second worst fossil fuel bank on Earth. The climate crisis is deadly serious and banks like Citi shouldn’t be using our money to fuel the fire,” said Esther Crow, a musician and mom from Manhattan, and member of Climate Families NYC.

“We showed up right before Mother’s Day because Jane Fraser is a mom. Many of Citi’s executive board members are parents or grandparents. How can they continue financing climate destruction knowing that it puts all kids in danger?” said Sara Gronim, grandmother of four. “It’s time for Citi to cut coal, and phase out fossil fuels.”

“The future of the planet is top of mind for any parent that is witnessing climate destruction across the globe. We’re happy to join with mothers and all parents in demanding that Citi divest from funding fossil fuels, and keep this planet livable for all children. Citi’s $300 billion in investments in coal, oil and gas are inexcusable.” Jonathan Westin, dad and founder of Climate Organizing Hub.

Climate Families NYC is an all-volunteer group that believes that kids and families can make a difference in the struggle to stop catastrophic climate change. We support climate campaigns in and around New York City that target the levers of power in government and finance.


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