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Fox Lies About Climate Change And So Does The Wall Street Journal

New York, NY – As part of Earth Week, activists from Rise and Resist, Truth Tuesdays and Extinction Rebellion gathered in the public space in front of Fox Headquarters in Manhattan on April 19, 2022 to protest the network’s ongoing propagation of dangerous climate lies.

It’s CLIMATE REBELLION week. What better time to call out Fox climate lies? The climate crisis is worse than we thought – just see the latest IPCC report – but the response doesn’t match the danger we face.

Why? Many don’t even believe that climate change is real, and for that we must thank Fox.

Their relentless lies and misrepresentations have blinded millions of Americans to the reality that’s right before their eyes: fires, floods, drought.

The Wall Street Journal, like Fox, is owned by Rupert Murdoch. WSJ climate editorials would be right at home on Fox. WSJ and Fox are both in 1211 Sixth Avenue.

When you join Rise and Resist on April 19, you can also demand stop publishing climate denial!

Fox Lies About Climate Change And So Does The Wall Street Journal

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