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Erik McGregor is a New York City based artist, photographer and activist.



Truth Tuesdays “Fox Lies Democracy Dies” Weekly Protest

On the Second Anniversary of the January 6th Insurrection Activists Gathered to Demand Indictment of High-Level Plotters

Fox Lies About Climate Change And So Does The Wall Street Journal

No Wars, No Warming: Fund Our Future

Merrick Garland do your job! Pro–Democracy Activists demand DOJ to Indict Coup Leaders

Pro–Democracy Activists demand DOJ to Indict Coup Leaders

Truth Tuesdays Protest At Fox News Demands An End To Network’s Climate Lies

Welcome to the Circus: Fox Clowns While America is Burning

Anti-War Activists Protest On Iraq War 18th Anniversary

Essential Laundry Workers Demand COVID Protection and an End to Wage Theft

New Yorkers celebrate Biden-Harris ticket victory

TrumpStock Boat Parade and Flotilla NYC 2020 on the Hudson River in Manhattan

NYC Artists Built Memorials Throughout The Five Boroughs In Connection With A Nationwide Online 24 Hour Vigil to Mourn and Name The Lives Lost to COVID-19

Stop the Stigma, Stop the Criminalization: Rally to Support Bail Reform and Stop HIV Stigma and Misinformation from CBS NY and Port Authority Police Department (PAPD)

No War With Iran Day of Action

National Day of Action to Demand US Troops Out of Iraq

CANCEL THE DEBT activists protest MOMA’s board member and owner of “GoldenTree” hedge fund over Puerto Rico’s debt

Kurdish Community Rally in Union Square Against Turkish War on Rojava


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