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Erik McGregor is a New York City based artist, photographer and activist.



Climate activists with the Stop The Money Pipeline Coalition held protests at Chase And Blackrock demanding them to stop fueling climate destruction

Environmental activists call on corporations to stop bankrolling Conflict Palm Oil, species extinction, and climate chaos

Governor Cuomo’s Veto of Lifesaving Bill for Low-Income New Yorkers Sends a Clear Message to those Grappling with the Overdose Crisis: Ego is More Important than Saving Lives

Animal Rights Activists Stage a Die-In to Bring Attention to an Animal Bill of Rights at Whole Foods

Animal Rights groups took to the streets to march against fur trade

Drug Policy Activists and Advocates Rally to Demand Governor Cuomo to Sign Lifesaving Treatment Bill to #EndOverdoseNY


13 arrests after New Yorkers stage major protest to call out Governor Cuomo’s failure on ny overdose crisis with more than 20,000 dead

Boycott NY Post activists demand Bloomingdales to stop advertising on NY Post

Anti-Fur protest against DIOR, FENDI and DOLCE & GABBANA bunny killers

Hundreds of Animal Liberation activists gathered for the Official 2019 Animal Rights March in New York City

Save the Amazon – Stop Fascism rally

New Yorkers Demand the Release of Trump’s Financial Records to House Committees

Emergency Rally to Stop the Demolition of the last Black History Landmark on Abolitionist Place in downtown Brooklyn

Emergency Indignation Rally to Demand Justice for Brandon Lee and All Human Rights Defenders and Indigenous Rights Advocates in the Philippines


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