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Rally and Civil Disobedience outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s NYC Office to support the Albany Can End Homelessness in New York State campaign

NEW YORK CITY – Hundreds rally outside Governor Andrew Cuomo’s NYC Office on March 13, 2017; to support the Albany Can End Homelessness in New York State campaign, about a dozen faith and community leaders commited civil disobedience blocking third avenue with banners reading “Cuomo: The Nation is Watching” & “End Record Homelessness & Income Inequality” culminating on arrests made by the NYPD. 

Citing NYS’ record homelessness under Governor Cuomo, and worst income inequality in the nation, faith and community leaders denounce the Governor as fiscal conservative, not the national, progressive leader he claims to be. Speakers pointed to progressive tax policies as critical to resisting the Trump and GOP agenda and budget cuts that will impact New York State, and those already announced cutting NYCHA funding

A statewide coalition of faith and community organizations have led an unusually aggressive campaign during the state budget season calling on Governor Cuomo to tackle New York’s record homeless crisis, and adopt three progressive tax policies. The specific tax policies would generate ample resources to end that State’s historic homeless crisis, as well as to confront a myriad of other ills that have long plagued New York. As the state braces for the potential loss of billions of dollars in federal revenue brought by the Trump Administration and Congressional GOP, faith leaders and community groups have stressed the need for progressives revenue as ever more urgent. 

The coalition has pointed to New York State’s record high homelessness as a true indicator of the values of Governor Cuomo. While New York remains one of the richest in the nation – home to Wall Street, a multi-billion dollar real estate industry, and some of the world’s wealthiest individuals – over 88,000 people sleep in shelters nightly. Faith leaders and community groups affirm that despite Governor Cuomo presenting himself as a progressive champion, the state’s glaring income inequality illustrates the Governor’s priorities and lack of commitment to truly address the needs of poor New Yorkers. 

With over 88,000 people homeless across the state, New York is currently facing the worst homeless crisis on record. Between 2011 and 2015 the state’s homeless population increased by 41%. Read more about the coalition’s platform to support progressive tax policies and end homelessness: Albany Can End Homelessness in New York State. Find additional information on New York State’s homelessness in this 2016 report Rising Homelessness in New York State. 

ENDORSING ORGANIZATIONS OF THE ALBANY CAN END HOMELESSNESS IN NEW YORK STATE CAMPAIGN: ACT UP NY, Alliance for Quality Education, BOOM!Health, Bridging Access to Care, Citizen Action of New York, Churches United For Fair Housing, Community Voices Heard, FIERCE!, GMHC, Greater NYC for Change, Health and Education Alternatives for Teens, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Housing Works, Hunger Action Network of New York State, Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing, Labor & Religion Coalition, LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent,  Make the Road New York, Met Council on Housing, MFY Legal Services, Neighbors Together, New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth, New York State Coalition for Homeless Youth, New York State Council of Churches, New York Communities for Change, New York Harm Reduction Educators, Nobody Leave the Mid-Hudson, Partnership for the Homeless, Peer Network of New York, PUSH Buffalo, Strong Economy for All, Three-Quarter House Tenant Organizing Project, VOCAL-NY, Washington Heights Corner Project, Working Families Party 

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