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The Puerto Rican Diaspora in the U.S. call for a protest action against the U.S. Fiscal Control Board to end Colonialism. 
Independence for Puerto Rico Now!

On Monday, March 13, 2017; the U.S. Fiscal Control Board imposed by the dictatorial PROMESA LAW over our country by Washington and Wall Street, will held it’s 5th meeting at the Alexander Hamilton Federal Building in New York City. On the agenda of this meeting is the approval and imposition of a fiscal plan for Puerto Rico that calls for the implementation of draconian austerity measures such hospital closings, cuts of health services, massive school closings, elimination of retirement pensions, wage reductions, shorter work days, cuts to cultural institutions, elimination of Section 8 housing subsidies, housing taxes, etc.

In response, the people of Puerto Rico are presently continuing its heroic resistance to these attempts to attack and erode the standard of living and economic gains of workers and their families and the poor. In Puerto Rico resistance grows among women, students, trade unions and the environmental and agro-ecological movements as they take leadership in this struggle.

The Puerto Rican Diaspora in the U.S. is an integral part of this resistance. We, the militant pro-independence members and organizations of the Diaspora stand with our people, with our homeland Puerto Rico. We will continue to increase our actions of our peoples’ resistance and to challenge the empire here in the belly of the beast.

The undersigned organizations call for a protest action against the federal board dictatorship, to be held Monday, March 13, starting at 7:00 am, in front of the Alexander Hamilton Federal Building. We invite all participants of the resistance to bring our flags, drums and maracas, our slogans and songs of protest and struggle. As we raise our voices in protest, the convening organizations will be demanding:

1. An Immediate end to any immoral-illegal-odious debt payments.
2. Non-recognition of the Board of Directors
3. Immediate overturning and dismantling of all anti-labor laws and measures.
4. Non-recognition of debt
5. 10% tax on the capital gains of foreign corporations
6. Decolonization of Puerto Rico. Non-recognition of any jurisdiction of the US imperial government imposed on our country.
7. The creation of a Puerto Rican Provisional Congress of National Salvation with representatives of the Puerto Rican Bar Association, women’s, youth, student, trade union and professional organizations, such as university professors, teachers, other education workers, and the environmental and agro-ecological movements.

We make an urgent call to the international community to stay vigilant and to express its solidarity and to support the struggle of our people.

A Call to Action on Puerto Rico 
Comité Boricua en la Diáspora (ComBo)
Jornada se Acabaron las Promesas 
Movimiento Socialista de los Trabajadores (MST)
Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (PIP) 
Partido Nacionalista – Junta de Nueva York
Pro Libertad Freedom Campaign 
Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores (as)

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