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Indigenous Leaders, Activists at Goldman Sachs Pipeline Finance Conference Protest Giant Bank’s Oil and Gas Pipeline Investments and Links to Trump


New York, NY – On August 10, 2017; over 100 activists from indigenous, environmental and community groups held a protest outside Goldman Sachs headquarters in New York, as the bank hosts a private finance conference for oil, gas, and pipeline corporations. A 40-foot wide, 7-foot tall set of interlocking panels forming a large mural was held in front of the doors blocking the entrance to the building, resulting on 5 arrests..


Indigenous leaders and activists from the American Indian Community House, New York Communities for Change, Food & Water Watch, People’s Climate Movement – NY, Greenpeace, and the Sane Energy Project were protesting the banks’ financing of fossil fuel projects such as Dakota Access that destroy water and air quality and cause climate change, as well as the bank’s close ties to the Trump administration and violations of the sovereignty of Native American Nations and people.

Wall Street’s giant bank held a conference for the pipeline and fossil fuel corporations that seek to rip through indigenous communities; destroy our water and air quality; and fuel the climate crisis. 


At this elite, private conference, Goldman will bring these corporations into one place to network with big investors and get financing for oil and gas projects such as Dakota Access, Pilgrim, KeystoneXL and other tar sands pipelines. 

The focus of the action was to tell Goldman Sachs to stop financing oil, gas, coal, and pipelines and expose the banks control over Trump and the federal government. 

The activists also urge New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to reject all fracking infrastructure projects, such as the Pilgrim Pipelines, which are also opposed by indigenous communities.


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  1. Sweetgum Thursday August 10, 2017

    This is truly fascinating. So what group was Judith canepa "representing" today? I find it difficult to understand how you can't name people like Eric weltman of food and water watch by name who you clearly are personally very familiar with Erik.

  2. Dan Miner August 11, 2017

    Erik, I was at the Goldman Sachs action this morning with 350NYC. Your pictures captured the essence of the event very well. I'm forwarding the link to your page and pictures to my Facebook contacts. Thanks for your work! – Dan

  3. Rose Garden August 23, 2017

    fbank you/thankyou/

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