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As Trump visits NYC, concerned residents demand Trump and the GOP stop risking nuclear war and stop implicitly encouraging the spread of racism



New York, NY — In disbelief that an unhinged president is risking life as we know it and a complicit Republican party is doing nothing to stop it, tri-state area residents chant, shout, and march in protest, doing everything in their power to keep the country and the world safe. 

In the wake of the horrific events of the past week, Activists took to the streets after Trump stokes fears with careless words and tactics. Members of Rise and Resist and concerned residents, organized a march on August 14, 2017; from the main branch of the New York Public Library to the Trump International Hotel near Columbus Circle with signs conveying simple messages to Trump and the GOP – no war, deescalate immediately, and be proactive in ending racism in the U.S.

“I think Americans don’t think something this dangerous could be happening in this country, but it is,” said Martin Quinn, Queens resident and new activist. “We have a racist president, a party turning the other cheek, and an administration risking nuclear war through incompetence and bravado.” 


“I march because of the reckless abandon this president displays in his rhetoric about North Korea,” said Marilyn Oliva, a member of Rise and Resist. “He’s a schoolyard bully with zero sense of diplomacy and tact. His words and those of others in his government threaten the stability of the world.”

“In the wake of all this dangerous saber-rattling by the Republican party, I feel it’s my duty to march and demand the hostile threats of war stop now,” said Maryellen Novak, co-organizer of Monday’s action. “I’ll not only be in the streets, but do everything I can to oust this treacherous president, his cronies, and the party from office.”

Rise and Resist is a direct action group made of new and experienced activists committed to opposing, disrupting, and defeating any government act that threatens democracy, equality, and our civil liberties. Previous Rise and Resist actions include a Trump Tower protest against the administration’s immigration policy where 26 members were arrested, and a “cough-in” at Jean-Georges restaurant at Trump Tower to protest the potential repeal of the ACA.


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