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Joseph Percoco sentenced to 6 years for corruption



New York, NY – Joseph Percoco former close aide to Governor Cuomo was sentenced on September 20, 2018 by Judge Valerie Caproni at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse to 6 years in prison, for bribery and corruption charges after accepting more than $300,000 in bribes from companies that wanted influence with the Cuomo administration. 
The sentencing — which also included three years of supervised release — marked the final downfall for Percoco, whose close ties with the Cuomo family date to his work for the late Gov. Mario M. Cuomo.
The victims of the CPV related bribery scheme which resulted in the development of a 650 MW fracked gas power plant will speak to the media after the sentencing. Protect Orange County members have submitted 90 letters to Judge Caproni describing how they were victimized and requesting a harsh sentence for his actions of betraying the public trust.
In March, a jury found Percoco guilty of corruption for taking bribes from businessmen in two schemes, both of which involved payments to Percoco’s wife, Lisa Toscano-Percoco.
Peter Galbraith Kelly, a Connecticut-based executive at Competitive Power Ventures, an energy company, hired Lisa Percoco for a “low-show” $90,000-a-year job at CPV teaching schoolchildren about energy. The money was a back-door way for Kelly to help CPV’s power plant in Orange County get an agreement with the state. At the time, the state was looking for replacement sources to generate energy in the event the Indian Point nuclear plant along the Hudson River closed.
Judge Valerie Caproni, in turn, told Percoco and the defendant’s lawyer there was no white collar crime as serious as public corruption, the type of which has become all too familiar in the state Capitol. “I hope that this sentence will he heard in Albany,” Caproni said, calling the crime one of “greed and arrogance.”
Joseph Percoco will report to federal prison at the end of December.

Joseph Percoco sentenced to 6 years for corruption

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