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New Yorkers Bring Body Bags and Coffins to Koch’s Door, Protesting Plan to Destroy U.S. Healthcare for Tax Cut Benefiting the Wealthy


New York, NY – Over a hundred activists in New York City held a “Death March” to David Koch’s Park Avenue home on July 6, 2017; to protest the influence of “dark money” on the Republican healthcare bill that is currently being crafted in the U.S. Senate.  

David Koch and other wealthy Republican donors recently sent a clear message to Congress: “We are cutting all campaign contributions until you repeal Obamacare and eviscerate Medicaid.”

The protest made clear that the driving force behind the so-called “healthcare” bill is the need to give massive tax cuts to the billionaires who donate millions to Republicans.  Protesters from several cosponsoring groups delivered body bags, coffins, and tombstones to Koch’s doorstep to emphasize the simple, stark truth: people will die in order to increase his already obscene wealth.  


Mike Kink, Executive Director of Strong Economy for All, said, “We shouldn’t destroy lifesaving programs to pay for more tax breaks for greedy billionaires like David Koch.” 

Josh Daniel of Indivisible Harlem added, “Dark money is fueling so much of the hard-right legislation we’re seeing in America today, and perhaps none are so openly insidious about this trend as the Koch brothers.” 

Elizabeth Jones, a nurse practitioner, added, “My patients depend on Medicaid and Medicare. I’m angry that the Republicans want to take care away from millions of people and transfer that wealth to their rich friends.”

Pam Griffith of Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights, said “Trumpcare is devastating to women’s health and reproductive rights. The Republican bill will make the Koch brothers richer while making women across the country poorer and sicker.”

Hannah Greene of Caring for Us Indivisible, added, “The Koch brothers’ assertion that they will withhold all funds until Republicans repeal the ACA and eliminate Medicaid renders plain the fact that we already know: Republicans care more about lining their pockets and maintaining their power than the lives and welfare of the constituents who elected them to represent their best interests.”


Ann Rubin of Indivisible Nation BK noted, “Healthcare is a human right – tax breaks for the Koch brothers and other wealthy Republican donors are not!”

Laura Myers of Indivisible Brooklyn, said, “We stand for access to quality health care – the interests of the Koch brothers must not be prioritized over the interests of Americans.”

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