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The National Organization for Women New York issues Trump’s presidency a 100-Day Report Card on Women’s Rights


New York, NY – The National Organization for Women – New York organized a women’s rally and march on April 28, 2017; starting at Columbus Circle to mark the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency and to issue an assessment of his record-to-date on women’s rights. 

President of NOW New York, Sonia Ossorio, said, “We are out here to issue this school-yard bully a report card on how the policies he’s implementing impact women and families and the hard-fought progress we have made in the last century.” 

The full report card: 


* Trump’s team is threatening to de-fund the vital programs of the Violence Against Women Act – programs that support survivors and aim to end rape culture.

* Trump made sure the White House website was wiped clean of reports on sexual assault and domestic violence, within minutes of being sworn into office.

* Trump has made it more difficult for immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence or abuse to come forward, by creating a culture of fear in immigrant communities.

* Trump put transgender students at-risk across the country by repealing protections that allowed them to use bathrooms that corresponded with their gender identity.

* New York City reported a 24 percent increase in hate crimes last year over 2015.

* Trump dismisses sexual harassment and holds a longstanding record of his own misogyny, including comments about grabbing women. 


* Trump revoked the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Order, eliminating requirements for federal contractors to hold them responsible for sexual harassment and promoting equal pay.

* Trump defended Bill O’Reilly in the face of multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, saying he doesn’t think O’Reilly “did anything wrong.” Trump said dealing with sexual harassment is “up to the individual,” placing responsibility on victims instead of holding harassers and the companies that protect them accountable.

* Trump has the lowest percentage of women in cabinet-level positions in almost forty years.


* Trump confirmed ultra-conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, paving the way for overturning Roe v. Wade.

* Trump reinstated the global gag rule and signed a domestic gag rule allowed states to withold federal family planning funding from women’s health clinics that provide abortions, jeopardizing the health and lives of millions of women.

* Trump proposed a repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act that would leave millions of women without coverage – an estimated 24 million Americans Americans would lose their insurance.

* Trumpcare will severely cut the Medicaid coverage that is vital to 19 million women. In fact, half of all births are covered through Medicaid. Trump’s plan will most harm the people with the highest needs – those who are sick or have limited income – and will increase already existing racial disparities in care. 

* Trumpcare will allow states to opt out of federal requirements like maternity care, preventive care, and prescription drug coverage.

* Trumpcare could deny millions of women access to affordable contraception and would severely reduce insurance coverage for abortion. 

NOW New York advocates for the women and girls of New York, by working to defend reproductive rights, fight economic inequality, and end discrimination and violence against women. As the largest NOW chapter in the country, they play a key role in shaping both the local and national debate on the issues that impact women.

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