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Hundreds of Animal Liberation activists targeted the gruesome fur trade with a mass march in NYC

New York –  On February 18, 2017; hundreds of Animal Liberation activists targeted the gruesome fur trade with a mass march. The foot-to-pavement action began at the steps to the New York Public Library on Fifth Avenue and 42nd St., a well trafficked and highly visible area amongst the popular of New York City. From there, the march took the city streets and made its way to the campaign’s lead target and financial profiteer from animal abuse and torture, Canada Goose (101 Wooster Street, its only physical storefront in the United States ) where a mass protest was held ending with a candle light vigil to stand in solidarity with the innocent lives brutality lost for the sake of the latest fashion trend. 

Activists take the empowering feeling of resistance and make it infectious as they flood the city streets to bring attention and awareness to the incredibility cruel fur trade. With a goal to educate the public of something hidden from the headlines and obligate everyone take notice of the torture and mass killing of animals for wearable garments. Seeing to completely eradicate the use of real fur in the fashion industry and empower the community. Because companies like Canada Goose, Paragon and other well-stitched labels are preparing to contract kill, torture and profit from another thousand animals tomorrow, it is imperative to ACT NOW; despite having faced threats, tickets and arrest from the New York City Police Department, The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and neighborhood occupants. All of which have been brought to the attention and are under investigation of civil rights violation attorneys and outlets. The DEP claims that the use of vocal cords registers above the ‘allowed decibel level’ and uses the fear of punishment to try to repress basic amendment rights, like that of freedom of speech.
“If we continue to let the public go un-educated and un-aware of what really takes place in the fur industry- more mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters will be trapped, skinned and killed. We march with full hearts and clenched fists to demand an end to the torture and murder of these animals who are born with the exact same right to life as you and I.” -Rob Banks, Animal Activist in NYC. “Around the world, compassionate people are coming together to put an end to the fur industry. Now is not a time to separate and divide..what we are doing is not breaking any laws and not causing physical harm to anyone. Yet, activists are arrested and bullied in any attempt to be silenced. ”

Through pressure, resistance and a demand for liberation, major cities including Toronto, London and New York City’s anti-fur campaign- the Animal Liberation Movement will continue to swarm the streets every snowy season. “Canada Goose should be ashamed of themselves to stand so proudly behind a label of torture and abuse”, animal advocates proclaim. “This march and protest is about showing that the grassroots movement has the capacity to shut the fur industry down.”

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