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For Thanksgiving, New Yorkers Tell Trump: Your Tax Plan Will Gobble Up Our Communities


New York, NY – In time for Thanksgiving, New Yorkers, members of New York Communities for Change, Strong Economy for All, and other progressive advocacy groups delivered a special message to Trump: “Your tax plan will gobble up our communities”. On November 22, 2017; they delivered turkeys stuffed with cash to the Trump building in Wall Street, highlighting how Trump’s tax plan will take massive sums of money from working people to benefit the richest Americans.



-Trump wants to give huge tax breaks to millionaires and wealthy corporations while cutting funding for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education and other services for working families. 

-Trump and Republicans just want to help Wall Street and big corporations cheat the system and pay even less in taxes. That is morally wrong and economically harmful for our communities.


-When the wealthy elite avoid paying their taxes, they cheat our communities – they take resources away from public housing, healthcare, education, and so many vital programs and services that millions of New Yorkers and Americans across the country rely on.

-When fewer taxes are collected from the rich, our government has less money to invest in making our communities stronger, healthier, and better places to live. 

-Trump’s tax plan seems to be out a dystopian movie or book. A plan where billionaires can deduct costs from their private jets, while teachers may not be able to write off the school supplies they purchase for their students. 


-In this dystopian tax plan, the biggest losers will be working class families from across the country. Teachers, firefighters, nurses… families struggling to get by and put food on the table. 

-Trump’s Tax Scam will literally be taking food and resources out of our mouths. That’s why this Thanksgiving, the communities  struggling to get by will visit the Trump Building in Wall Street to deliver turkeys loaded  with money. 

– While this is a time of giving. And cities and towns across the country prepare to hand out free turkeys to the most vulnerable communities. Trump’s Tax Scam does exactly the opposite, is preparing to extract money and resources from the communities that need it the most, in order to hand it out to Wall Street and the super rich.

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