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Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez meet with the family of the late Erickson Brito



Brooklyn, NY – The family of the late Erickson Brito and attorney Sanford Rubenstein addressed the press on August 22, 2017; after meeting Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, to be briefed on the criminal investigation being conducted by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office with regard to the killing of Erickson Brito by an NYPD officer in the hallway at his apartment building on 362 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn.

Osiris Gomez, father of Erickson Brito declared the meeting with Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez was satisfactory, they were treated very respectfully and he is confident they will help them find the justice they are hoping for.

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein said: “Very solemn meeting between Brooklyn District Attorney and high ranking members of his staff with members of Erickson Brito’s family and their attorney. Brooklyn District Attorney committed that he would do his best to get to the bottom of what happened. He advised the family that the autopsy report just arrived in his office actually this morning; and that after they reviewed the autopsy report and finished their investigation which is still under way they will have another meeting with the family to advise them what are the results of the investigation. The father made it very clear that he felt that his son does not deserve to die that way and that he wants justice for his son; that his son should not have been killed the way he was, shot in the face. And that when they finish their investigation he wants to know why his son was killed that way. We have confidence that the district attorney here in Brooklyn will complete their investigation and ultimately do justice in this matter.”


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