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A resident blockade of Competitive Power Ventures Gas-Fired Power Plant results in a 7-day jail sentence for Oscar-nominated actor and activist, James Cromwell, Grandmother and actress Madeline Shaw, and Mother Pramilla Malick in Orange County, NY 


Orange County, NY  – Local residents – Oscar-nominated actor and activist, James Cromwell, Grandmother and actress Madeline Shaw, and Mother Pramilla Malick – began their 7-day jail sentence in Orange County, N.Y. on July 14, 2017; for their action taken at the construction site of the Competitive Power Ventures Gas-Fired power plant in Wawayanda, NY. The three residents staged a blockade at the site on December 18, 2015 stating this project creates unacceptable health and safety risks to the public. 

The defendants argued the “Defense of Justification” sections 35.05 through 35.30 of the Penal Law, but were found guilty. They refused to pay their fines in protest of the unjust punishment and were sent to Orange County Jail. 


Grandmother and actress Madeline Shaw announced at the press conference prior to reporting to jail, “As more and more of us come here to protest…I am more optimistic that we can shut this down.”

Actor James Cromwell said, “What we did is all heart, what the people of  Standing Rock did is all heart. The people people we oppose are not bad people, but they have lost touch with their heart. Our prayers should go out to them, but we must not stop.”

Mother Pramilla Malick had a message directly to New York State: “Give Governor Cuomo the message to protect our air and protect our water. You cannot deem entire communities expendable. We have a governor that banned fracking citing health implants. But this plant will require 100-150 fracking wells per year. That’s frack-your-neighbor energy policy.”


Background on the CPV Power Plant:

Currently tied up in a scandal with former Cuomo aide, Joseph Percoco, charged with extortion, bribe solicitation, honest services fraud conspiracy and extortion conspiracy as part of the energy company allegations.

CPV is slated to be 22 acres and be around 130 feet high (13 stories). Two emissions stacks would each be about 275 feet high (over 27 stories high). There would also be storage tanks on the site. These would include a 965,000-gallon  diesel fuel oil storage tank, a 15,000-gallon aqueous ammonia storage tank, and a 400,000-gallon demineralized water tank.

An underground transmission line running from the CPV site to an existing New York Power Authority line has been constructed.

Construction of a new switchyard adjacent to this NYPA line has already been completed.


CPV Valley would need to be connected to the Millennium Pipeline approximately 7 miles south of the site. This connector pipeline, which has been named the Valley Lateral, is subject to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approval. (FERC approves 98% of the projects that come before it.) If approved this pipeline could be forcibly located using eminent domain to feed the plant fracked gas from Pennsylvania.

On August 2nd, at the Paramount Theater in Middletown, the DEC will hear public comments about the 401 Water Quality Certificate for the the Valley Lateral Pipeline that aims to connect the Millennium Transmission System to the CPV Power Plant. Residents are determined to stop the lateral project. 

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