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New Yorkers and healtcare advocacy groups protest outside Rep. John Faso’s fundraiser in Manhattan


New York City – The NYS Nurses Association, Health Care for America Now-NYC, Caring For Us Indivisible, We Make America, Get Organized Brooklyn, Saving Affordable Health Insurance, Citizen Action of NY, 199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East, and members of Rise and Resist are mobilizing and organizing a protest outside Rep. John Faso’s fundraiser as donors arrive at the Park Imperial at 230 West 56th St. in Midtown Manhattan

Freshman Rep. John Faso (NY-19, Hudson Valley) held a fundraiser in midtown Manhattan July 10, 2017. His Collins-Faso amendment to the GOP’s health care bill would cost residents of New York City a lot of money so Faso could give it to his fat cat donors. The groups were protesting outside the fundraiser to let him know New Yorkers are not going to stand for his dirty tricks. 


Not only did Faso vote for the House Trumpcare bill in May, he coauthored the notorious Collins-Faso amendment to both the House and Senate bills that would shift New York Medicaid funding from counties’ budgets to the state budget. 

However, it would exempt NYC from this new arrangement, so that while local taxpayers upstate and on Long Island might benefit (if their counties kept taxes low after the Medicaid break – no guarantee), residents of NYC would most likely be doubly taxed. They would have to participate in the State tax increase to fund upstate Medicaid expenses, while continuing to pay the New York City share though their local taxes.

The tax burden would weigh heavier on lower income folks, and on NYC. And the money would end up lining the pockets of his donors. 


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