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Nick Cannon joins Black Lives Matter Greater New York to address the press about his decision to leave NBC

Hawk Newsome from Black Lives Matter Greater New York states:

“It is our duty as Americans to protest against injustice. In actuality, this is the spirit of rebellion on which this nation was founded. Amazingly, people who speak out against racial inequality experience extreme ridicule. Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Paul Robeson were called un-American and far worse. Celebrities who support the Black Lives Matter movement have been victimized as well and some are afraid to speak up. Nick Cannon is the exception.

No one has the right to silence Black people when we are being murdered in the streets of America by the police and nothing happens. No one has the right threaten our livelihoods for being a voice to the voiceless. Are we slaves? Are we still on the plantation? Are Blacks just here for entertainment? Should we not speak out and exercise our Constitutional right to free speech?Corporations threaten the jobs of celebrity activists. Corporations withdraw sponsorship of celebrity activist. Is a paycheck the new whip? The “Masters” can no longer use whips so they use paychecks to punish us. No more! This should be appalling not just to blacks but to all Americans. Enough is enough!
Nick Cannon has not only spoken out against oppression and racism, but he is an active member of Black Lives Matter Greater New York “BLMNY.” Nick was an integral part of the “I Ain’t Voting Until Black Lives Matter Campaign'” and is currently working with us on the Black Lives Caucus. Which is a NYC based campaign to promote voter literacy and teach people how to vote in their best interest. Most importantly, we are building a Black voting bloc. Children are spreading the word of voter empowerment throughout the five boroughs. This should be highlighted by corporations instead of focusing on the negative. We promote unity and equality, while building the Black Community.

We work with local High Schools and Young Adult Literacy Programs. We are teaching young people how to engage in protests in strategic and peaceful way. The BLMNY Youth Coalition is about empowering young people to bring about change in a positive and constructive way. We are giving voices to the voiceless!
The message that NBC has sent is that if Black People speak up for other Black People then their careers are in danger. Corporations should not use their power to intimidate and silence advocates for change.”

On February 16,2017; Nick Cannon will give a speech on Activism at the South Bronx Community High School and address the press thereafter.

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