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Stand Up for Planned Parenthood: Rally for Truth – A Response to the Nationwide Defund Planned Parenthood Protests

NEW YORK—On Saturday, February 11th, thousands of New Yorkers rally at Washington Square Park, in Garibaldi Plaza to stand with Planned Parenthood. Speakers focus on the facts about Planned Parenthood that its opponents so frequently obfuscate and provide calls-to-action for supporters. Speakers and protesters are building off a strong and immediate desire to respond and react to the “Defund Planned Parenthood” protests scheduled at Planned Parenthood locations across America this Saturday.

While Planned Parenthood has long been under attack from Conservative politicians and legislators, its function and the debate surrounding it has often been dominated by the conversation on abortion and women’s rights. This is an important part of the discussion, but it fails to encompass all the work that Planned Parenthood does and the impact that defunding it would have, especially on trans and minority communities. 

Nearly half of Americans who use Planned Parenthood as their main health care provider are people of color, and many live in rural areas where Planned Parenthood is their sole option for a safety-net family planning provider. Defunding Planned Parenthood would leave an estimated 2.5 million patients with no access to care. 
“At Planned Parenthood of New York City health centers, our nurses, doctors, and staff work tirelessly to ensure that all New Yorkers are always able to access affordable, high-quality health care in a safe and caring environment. That’s what we’re focused on today — and every day,” said Joan Malin, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of New York City. “When politicians in Washington, D.C. say they want to defund Planned Parenthood, what they’re really saying is they want to block thousands of New Yorkers and millions across the country from access to health care they depend on. Defunding Planned Parenthood would have a disproportionate impact on communities that already face systemic barriers to care – including people of color and people with low incomes. But we are fighting back against anyone who  tries to close our doors, and will continue to be here for everyone who needs us, just as we have for 100 years. We’re thankful for our supporters who planned amazing rallies like this one today, and to those who are writing letters and calling their legislators. Together we are sending a clear message to D.C. — defunding Planned Parenthood is not going to happen on our watch.”

“In contrast to the current administration’s dedication to ‘Alternative Facts,’ we plan to center this rally on real facts, real evidence, and real studies that show the positive impact Planned Parenthood has and the true consequences that federal defunding would cause,” said Ellie Phillips, actor and rally co-organizer. “All Americans deserve affordable and accessible health care.  Planned Parenthood is not just a cis-women’s issue. It is a trans* issue, it is a queer issue, it is a socioeconomic issue, and it is a human’s rights issue.”

“It’s important, now more than ever, that everyone supports Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides not only abortion and reproductive health services, but also stands as one of the nation’s leading providers of affordable healthcare for men, women, and young people,” said Tommy Dorfman, actor (13 Reasons Why, Netflix), and rally co-organizer. “As a gay man, I’ve relied on services at Planned Parenthood ranging from general health questions to STI testing and treatment.” 

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