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Erik McGregor is a New York City based artist, photographer and activist.



Truth Tuesdays “Fox Lies Democracy Dies” Weekly Protest

On the Second Anniversary of the January 6th Insurrection Activists Gathered to Demand Indictment of High-Level Plotters

Corporate Forest Positive Coalition Exposed: Climate Week Protest Targets Deforestation

Climate Activists demand Marsh McLennan to drop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline

Queer Liberation March for Trans and BIPOC Lives, Reproductive Justice, and Bodily Autonomy

Stop Torching the Planet: Faith Leaders and New Yorkers on frontlines of climate crisis arrested at a protest outside BlackRock’s Annual Meeting

Youth climate activists protest at JPMorgan Chase headquarters during their Annual Shareholder Meeting

Chase Bank Put Climate and People Before Profits

Fox Lies About Climate Change And So Does The Wall Street Journal

No Wars, No Warming: Fund Our Future

Merrick Garland do your job! Pro–Democracy Activists demand DOJ to Indict Coup Leaders

Pro–Democracy Activists demand DOJ to Indict Coup Leaders

Truth Tuesdays Protest At Fox News Demands An End To Network’s Climate Lies

Reclaim Pride Coalition’s third annual Queer Liberation March

27th annual New York City Drag March

Welcome to the Circus: Fox Clowns While America is Burning

Activists Protest AIG’s Support for Fossil Fuels During Company Shareholder Meeting

Excluded Essential Workers on hunger strike for 14 days and State Electeds to call for a $3.5B fund in NYS Final Budget and to maintain flexible application requirements


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