Erik McGregor Photography

Erik McGregor is a New York City based artist, photographer and activist.



New York City Youth Global Climate Strike

Together We Rise: The Power of Female Leadership to Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Chase Bank Finances Climate Disaster NYC Banner Action

All Eyes on BlackRock Protest

Activists Protest AIG’s Support for Fossil Fuels During Company Shareholder Meeting

Demonstrations in Cities Across U.S. and Europe Push BlackRock to Use Its Shareholder Power for Climate Action

Environmental groups call on Olympics Gold Sponsor Tokio Marine to drop fossil fuels and take urgent climate action

Protesters Target Headquarters Of BlackRock And JP Morgan Chase, The World’s Biggest Financiers Of Fossil Fuels

NYC Climate Activists Held Office Warming Party Demanding New AIG CEO To Stop Funding Fossil Fuels

Campaign To Protect The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Brownsville Residents Halt National Grid’s North Brooklyn Fracked Gas Pipeline Construction As It Continues Despite Massive Community Opposition

Climate activists with the Stop The Money Pipeline Coalition held protests at Chase And Blackrock demanding them to stop fueling climate destruction

Climate Justice Through Racial Justice March Kicks Off Climate Week In NYC

Animal Rebellion NYC action to link animal justice, climate justice and racial justice to the current COVID-19 public health crisis

Environmental activists call on corporations to stop bankrolling Conflict Palm Oil, species extinction, and climate chaos

Activists In Bushwick Gathered For The First No North Brooklyn Pipeline Rally Since The COVID-19 Pandemic

Bike Ride Against the North Brooklyn Pipeline

North Brooklyn Community Calls National Grid’s Decision to Restart Construction of Controversial Fracked Gas Pipeline “Reckless” During Pandemic and Demand Immediate Halt of Construction


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